Createchnic is the technical solution partner of BHS America in Turkey and neighbouring countries.

Turkey is moving to become a world leader in the logistics sector. Companies that operate in this sector and have warehouses and distribution centers will be the pioneers in this progress. Companies wanting to differentiate technologically and to be ahead in the efficiency race can rely on BHS, a reliable and leading manufacturer of electric forklift battery management system and warehouse equipment.

Since 1979, BHS has been at the forefront of technology in forklift power management systems. BHS provides a significant advantage for its customers by ensuring that the replacement of the battery is carried out safely in under 3 minutes with the Operator Battery Transfer Tool.

Customizable Battery and Charging Stands are manufactured in our premises according to the need, can create safe, regular, and possible battery rooms free of acid damages. In addition, the BHS forklift also produces all the necessary side systems for the storage and proper protection of the carts. These products also include automatic and manual battery washing equipment.

Beyond North America, there are close to 1,200 systems that are used in different parts of the world. In addition to these, we also produce warehouse equipment suitable for heavy duty conditions. Thanks to these products, material handling operations become more ergonomic and efficient. BHS manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for warehouses ranging from material storage specialties, transportation / handling / handling products, high-strength lifting tables and industrial shelving products for use in warehouses.